Is appeal worth $10,000 at SUNY


The article Dec. 5 about the Fredonia State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Transgender and Transsexual diversity campus climate index provided some much needed comedic relief what with the world situation and all.

I had a question. If a person who suffers great persecution on campus, let’s say a conservative, Christian person for example, were to approach the school administration requesting $10,000 seed money to be used to promote Conservative causes, what would the answer be? Being such a non-person on campus they would not be feeling the recognition they’re entitled to.

The students who don’t show the required love and affirmation must have their minds made right by being forced to listen to and accept conservative dogma. This person should not be satisfied until SUNY Fredonia reaches a “campus conservative climate” of 5. There should also be safe rooms for this person to flee to when they’re not feeling the love.

Maybe they could hang a cross on the door to let them know they’re safe. This would protect them from the night-riders who apparently infest the campus. The school should also strive to include more courses on things like white male studies, Conservatism 101, accepting Jesus as your Savior 101, etc.

Maybe after all this is accomplished campus conservatives – all five of them – will leave the rest of you alone.