Cultural changes are part of problem


After the tragedy in Connecticut, it was certain that there would be tons of voices clamoring for gun control. Very little is said about what the underlying causes of violence might be.

Could it be that we have taken God out of schools and public buildings? Could it be that we have destroyed family values? Could it be that we are a drug driven society? Could it be that we have devalued life through abortions and euthanasia?

Could it be that we have given in to radical trends like same sex marriages, legalized pot, and so called political correctness? How about violent video games, violent movies and instant gratification?

Perhaps it is because we have allowed our country to become a moral cesspool, devoid of any responsibilities for ourselves or others. So, let’s ban guns, that is an easy fix. I think not.

Until we clean up our act, we are in for more tragedies, bloodshed and carnage. We must get back to basics and not give in to popular cultural norms and focus on true family and Christian values and realize that “political correctness” is really political destructionalism. And, don’t give me that stuff about trying to shove religion down your throats, maybe that’s what some of us need.

I am truly sorry for what happened and all those involved are in my prayers, but, look beyond inanimate objects and search our collective souls for the answers. Like it or not, we do have souls.

Tony Pingitore is a Stockton resident.