Chautauqua site may be removed from contaminated list

The state Department of Environmental Conserva-tion is in the process of removing the Dinsbier Road Landfill in Chautauqua from the registry of inactive hazardous waste disposal sites.

Public comments were received and are being assembled before the decision to remove the site from the registry is finalized. A summary of any comments will be made available for viewing at the DEC’s regional office at 270 Michigan Ave., Buffalo. If the state agency did not receive any new or additional information during this public comment period that changes the delisting proposal, the DEC will remove the site on or after today.

According to the DEC, the landfill received various types of household and industrial wastes from 1967 through 1980 and was closed.

The landfill will continue to be monitored by the DEC’s solid waste program. Private wells sampled in the area show no impacts. Volatile organic compounds in the groundwater may move into the soil vapor, which are air spaces within the soil, that may move into overlying buildings and affect the indoor air quality.

Because the site is a landfill with no occupied buildings, the inhalation of site-related contaminants due to soil vapor does not represent a concern.

The Dinsbier Road Landfill consists of an approximate 5-acre industrial disposal site consisting of two waste trenches. Northeast of this disposal site is a closed municipal landfill. Dinsbier Road borders the west side of the site and a swampy area is located to the northeast. The landfill is located in an area zoned residential agricultural. This site is located in a rural area and the nearest residence is approximately a quarter-mile from the site.

The landfill began accepting waste in 1967 under the ownership of the town of Chautauqua, accepting municipal refuse in small quantities in addition to small amounts of industrial waste. The county of Chautauqua took over operation of the landfill in August 1974 and started to officially accept industrial waste.

The Dinsbier Road Landfill accepted industrial waste from 1973 through 1981, when it was permanently closed. From 1973 to 1976, there were generally no records for the disposal of waste at the site, according to the DEC. When the county began overseeing the site’s operation they initiated the use of a bill of lading to monitor the types of waste brought to the site.

In August 1978, the county began accepting drummed waste and stored it in clay-lined pits. Some drums contained trichloroethylene, naptha, wax, waste oil, paint wastes and waste solvents. After the site was closed in 1980, the county contracted with a disposal company to remove and dispose of all on-site drums. The DEC issued an order of consent to Chautauqua County on July 3, 1985, requiring a field investigation of the landfill property.