Safer streets at this cost?

We agree with the concept of being safe while crossing streets, but when did this have to become a $650,000 governmental issue?

That is what has happened in Gowanda, which won the grant as part of the state Department of Transportation’s $26.5 million in federal Safe Routes to School funding for 64 project sponsors to implement infrastructure improvements and public education campaigns across the state to encourage elementary and middle school children to safely walk and bike to school.

“The projects supported by this round of federal funding will help children get to school safely by providing features such as sidewalks, multi-use paths, crosswalks and pedestrian signals near schools,” Commissioner Joan McDonald said in a news release. “The education component of the program can help families make healthy, sustainable transportation choices and teach kids how to safely use the infrastructure in their communities.”

Federal and state money for safer walking? In rural America?

How much more federal and state dollars are being frittered away by questionable programs like these?