Mayor Dolce to attend NY State of the State address

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives his State of the State address today there will be plenty of elected officials in attendance hoping to hear some good news about and for their local areas. City of Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce is one of them.

Dolce left for Albany Tuesday morning with Assemblyman Andrew Goodell to listen to Cuomo’s address and is hoping to be one of the officials whose locality gets that good news. Dolce said he was hoping to be able to bring back a “positive message.”

He was asked if had an idea of what the governor would say.

“No, nothing concrete. I know there’s been discussions around today of what they think may be included in the state of the state, but nothing concrete,” he replied.

“I’m here networking and really hoping to hear some good news tomorrow. … I’m just really hoping there’s some things we can take away, some things that can help the city down the road. Maybe there’s some information that comes out that the city can focus on as something that can help it down the road.”

Dolce was asked if he had any appointments.

“I’ve been tagging along with Assemblyman Goodell. He’s looking to set up a couple more meetings for us in regard to NRG tomorrow,” Dolce replied. “There’s two he’s looking to set up tomorrow before they go into session.”

In addition to waiting to hear about the future of the NRG Energy power plant in the city, another possible harborfront project is awaiting its fate. Dolce was asked if the city had heard any more on the grant for a fisheries station and possible interactive museum on harbor between Tim Hortons and the Clarion Hotel.

“The latest we’re hearing is that the grant announcement could be made by the end of this month or next month, a relatively short turnaround as far as grants go,” he replied.

Cuomo’s speech at 1:30 p.m. will mark the beginning of the state’s 2013 legislative session and allows the governor to lay out his yearly agenda. The governor is required to give the State of the State by Article IV Section 3 of the New York State Constitution while Article XIII Section 4 sets the day for the beginning of the legislative term as the first Wednesday after the first Monday in the month of January.

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