Realtor receives award

Alan J. Dolce, a member of Chautauqua Board of Realtors and Greater Las Vegas Board of Realtors, was recently awarded the Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant Desig-nation. Dolce is now a trained real estate consultant who understands the alternatives to foreclosure with an emphasis on the short sale process. He has shown that he genuinely cares about his clients, and never ventures outside the scope of his expertise. He encourages his clients to partner up with other trusted advisors such as attorneys, CPA’s, and financial consultants. He’s able to educate his clients so they can make an informed decision as to what’s in their “best interest.” If Dolce’s client determines that a short sale is their best option, no one is better trained to successfully process a short sale transaction than a Certified Foreclosure Alternatives Consultant. Call Dolce at Midtown Realty at 679-8217.