Hagel may be ‘ideal’ for post


During the looming political fight concerning the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Head of Department of Defense, we can expect to hear some expectations that he will be effective in curtailing the extravagant expense of a “bloated” military. If true, this would be all to the good.

From firsthand experience, I can bear witness to the following incident. While providing speech and language services to our U.S. Embassy children in Germany, I also traveled each week to a small Air Force base located outside of Bonn. The school principal at the base invited me to assess their educational materials housed in a large room. To my complete amazement the entire space was crammed from floor to ceiling with redundant tests, correctional programs, old and new texts. In explanation of this surplus, he explained almost apologetically, “Whether we need it or not, we have to use all our allotment of funds. Otherwise we’ll lose part of those funds the next year.”

I have never forgotten the waste I saw in that overstuffed area! And realizing the rest of the military runs on the same principle, I feel strongly that the Pentagon would be the ideal place to audit for waste. And perhaps Sen. Hagel might be the ideal candidate!