Early wake-up call for Silver Creek Village Board members

SILVER CREEK – Just two days after its regular meeting, Silver Creek Village Board members received an early morning wake up call to meet at the village hall Wednesday.

“I called the board members at 6 a.m.,” Mayor Kurt Lindstrom said in an interview Wednesday afternoon about the early meeting.

The purpose of Wednesday’s meeting was to cast another vote on the resolution to fund the sewer plant improvement project as part of the Department of Environmental Conservation’s consent order.

At Monday’s meeting trustees Amy Romanik, Nick Piccolo and Thomas Harmon cast affirmative votes for funding the $5 million project, with Trustee Ben Peters absent from the meeting.

However, Lindstrom explained the lengthy resolution clearly states it must be approved by two-thirds of the board, where previously only three-fifths voted.

He said he was forced to call an emergency meeting because it was the only time enough board members were available to create the quorum needed to pass the resolution. He said at the meeting four “aye” votes were cast for the resolution, including himself, with Peters again absent.

Lindstrom further explained the board needed to act because of strict time deadlines for paperwork to be submitted by the village’s financing source, the state Environmental Facilities Corporation. The village received 50 percent financing from EFC.

The meeting and action put the board back on track with its upgrades to the sewer plant which it hopes will bring the village into compliance with DEC regulations. The village is working with Wendel engineers on the project.

The next village board meeting will be held Jan. 21.