Heritage Ministries Adds New Equipment to Rehabilitation Department

Thanks to two years of generous funds raised from the Heritage 5K Trick & Trot Run/Walk, the Heritage Ministries Rehabilitation Department was able to purchase four essential pieces of equipment to help improve the quality of life for its rehabilitation residents.

With the funds raised, two ultrasound machines were purchased that will allow Heritage Ministries to readily offer ultrasound therapy at each of its three rehabilitation locations; Heritage Park, Jamestown, Heritage Village, Gerry and Heritage Green, Greenhurst.

Ultrasound units, used by physical and occupational therapists, deliver high frequency ultrasonic waves into soft-tissue areas of the body. The ultrasound therapy assists to increase blood flow to the treated areas whereby speeding-up healing and decreasing pain and swelling. Additionally, while providing the ultrasound treatment, the area treated benefits from a gentle massage.

Heritage Ministries also purchased two electronic stimulation machines. The Electronic Stimulation Machine works by providing neuromuscular electrical muscle stimulation. The delivery of NMES assists with muscle re-education, prevention of muscle atrophy, while also assisting to increase blood flow at the localized areas.

Mark Constantino, Director of Rehabilitation, explains, “The therapy staff and I are very pleased to have the use of these modalities now more readily available at each of our rehab sites. We look forward to using these devices to facilitate better and faster outcomes for our rehab residents.”

Mr. Constantino also adds, “I’m very appreciative of the new equipment we were able to purchase thanks to funds raised by the Heritage 5K. These new pieces of equipment will immediately improve the quality of care to our residents. The entire therapy department, along with many other Heritage employees, worked very hard to put-forth this wellness based community activity. Not only do we appreciate the funds received from the fundraiser, but we are also rewarded by seeing the positive impact we offer to the community by organizing an event that is family-friendly.”

Heritage Ministries is a non-profit, human service organization serving the Chautauqua County region with over 750 employees. Independent and assisted living residences for seniors are located at Heritage Village Retirement Campus in Gerry and The Woodlands, A Heritage Senior Living Community in West Ellicott. Rehabilitation and skilled nursing services are provided at Heritage Village, Gerry, Heritage Park, Jamestown, and Heritage Green, Greenhurst, Rehab & Skilled Nursing.

For more information, please call 487-6800 or visit www.heritage1886.org.