DFD provides run numbers for 2012

The final figures are in on 2012 for the city of Dunkirk Fire Department and it appears the city’s efforts to raise revenue through third-party billing for ambulance transports is paying off.

Fire Chief Keith Ahlstrom’s figures show the city received $152,580.27 in revenue for the ambulance transports in 2012. That figure is above both the expected revenue of $120,000 in the 2012 budget and the $125,000 expected in 2013’s budget revenues. The ambulance receipts were listed as emergency medical receipts in the 2012 budget revenues for Fund I at $120,000 and have been budgeted in the same line for $125,000 in 2013.

“Due to the natural lag between services rendered and when the bill actually gets paid, there will always be revenue from the previous year received in the following year,” Ahlstrom stated. “Now that we have a full calendar year under our belts, the 12-month revenue for 2013 should be as expected, with the same percentage of lag payments occurring.”

Part of the reasoning for going to the billing was to help the city replace its aging fire equipment and that will pay off shortly with the delivery of the city’s new rescue truck. Ahlstrom said the new ambulance is being detailed and painted at the present time.

“We hope to have it in service around Feb. 1,” he added.

The chief also provided December run figures, which included a total of 175 runs. Of that number, 134 were EMS calls with 40 of those resulting in transports to Brooks Memorial Hospital.

As of Dec. 31, the department had transported 606 patients to the hospital. There were 22 still alarms and 15 box alarms answered by the department.

In 2012, the department went on 1,918 runs.