Lots invested in Home upgrades


Much has been written about the possible sale of the Chautauqua County Home. The commentary “Concerns enough to prevent sale” (Dec. 23) had some valid points. It makes you wonder if our representatives have our interests at heart.

The question I would pose is why did the county agree to spend time and money – federal, state and local – to expand and rebuild this facility over the past 10 years or so into the magnificent place it is today? I think each legislator should be aware of the amount of money that has been spent so as to reconcile these numbers with the sale price. I would expect to find the present bidder is getting a huge bargain.

Granted, the county bill for Medicaid is a drain on the budget. However, there are other programs which use up tax dollars with very little return such the airports and the CARTS bus system. Funds from these programs could more then makeup for the shortfall to run the Home. As a last resort, I believe a small tax hike would be acceptable to a majority of county taxpayers, if necessary.

If sold to the present bidder, we can say goodbye to a first-rate facility which provides our people assistance at a time in life when there is little else to look forward to.