Dunkirk Personnel Committee discusses 2013 goals

The Dunkirk Common Council’s Personnel Committee is looking forward to a new year. The Personnel Committee met recently and set goals for 2013.

Committee Chair William J. Rivera said one of his bigger projects for the year will be holding the public hearing on the property management proposal. This has been in the works for several years.

“I really have an optimistic feeling about this,” Rivera said. “It’s pretty much now in the hands of Mayor (Anthony J.) Dolce and (City Attorney) Ron Szot. This will be the year whether we determine to continue to try to do something with this or it ends right here.”

Rivera also said he hopes to work with the Dunkirk Police Department to address the school zone at School 4 on Central Avenue in the new year.

“I’m talking about making sure speeding in the School 4 zone specifically, if somebody … gets pulled over for speeding, I’d like to see they get the maximum amount of fine,” Rivera said. “With the extra money made from this, we could put it toward (the city).”

Dunkirk Police Chief David Ortolano said the department is aware of the problem. He hopes the addition of flashing lights to alert motorists of the school zone will help slow down cars. Ortolano said that when officers are available they are put in the school zones in the city, but if an officer does get another call during that time they are required to leave.

Ortolano said that department has applied for a grant that would reimburse overtime to have a car devoted solely to school zones. He also thanked Dolce for helping with the tactical force being put in place. This force helps execute search warrants in narcotic cases.

Rivera also said he would like to address the issue of the 500 block of Plover Street and the lack of sidewalks. Rivera wants to complete the sidewalks so students do not have to walk in the street. The street does have some sidewalks, but they do not span the whole block and are not in the best condition.

“Again it comes down to the safety of our kids,” he said.

Councilwoman-at-Large Stephanie Kiyak said something she wants to accomplish in the upcoming year will be having meeting minutes for the committee meeting.

“Not having meeting minutes, not only are we out of compliance but I don’t know what we should be following up from the previous meeting,” Kiyak said.

Kiyak, along with Fourth Ward Councilwoman Stacy Szukala, said the School 4 speeding zone is something they would like to address as well. Szukala also said the landlord-tenant proposal from former Councilwoman Rose Floramo still needs some work.

“Before we put anything in place, we need answers for those ‘what ifs,'” Szukala said.

Director of Development Steve Neratko said that 2013 will be a better year for the department. He said this year the department worked well with the college and had different brownfield opportunities to make 2012 a “successful year.” Coming in 2013, he hopes there will be brownfield projects on Brigham Road and there also will be more movement at the site on Roberts Road. The city’s five-year plan will also include street maintenance on various streets within the city.

“We need to include in our five-year plan, any roads or infrastructure work. … It can be updated but we want to include any infrastructure,” Neratko said.

Building Inspector Allan Zurawski said that he hopes the City Code can be reviewed in 2013, calling some areas “antique.” Fire Chief Keith Ahlstrom announced if the county passes a resolution, municipalities will receive two free demolitions. Other municipalities which do not use their free demolition, can pass their free passes off to other municipalities. Ahlstrom also said the ladder truck will need to be replaced sometime within the upcoming year. He hopes to work with the city to get the best option for the city.

The personnel committee will meet on Jan. 15 at 10 a.m.

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