Elected officials did not do enough


So much for elected officials working for the people!

Many letters were sent in the past few months to elected officials as rumors of Carriage House closing circulated. Yet, the final blow came last week that Carriage House Dunkirk plant and Petri Baking in Silver Creek would be closing.

The hard-working, loyal employees learned of this in the news before they received their “pink slips.” How disgusting and shameful for a company to treat its employees so ruthlessly and rude!

People who have worked at these plants for more than less than eight years were given the “ax.” Superintendents working for 17 years were given “the ax.” No one was spared.

Sometimes animals are treated with more respect and consideration than humans! People deserve to be treated considerately. It is the loyal, skilled employees that make companies like Ralcorp successful.

County Executive Greg Edwards apparently has been involved with the Ralcorp Corp. and is “assembling a team” that will address the seriousness of this situation and the importance of keeping businesses in Western New York. The impact of these companies closing not only affects the employees and their families, but other businesses, taxes, school districts and community economics.

Closing these factories is just another step toward the demise of Western New York. People are hurting, and the future looks very bleak at this point. Where can jobs for more than 400 young families in this area be found here once they are laid off permanently?

It seems there might be some type of negotiations or compromises with the employees if only the companies would work towards remaining in this area.

There is a 90-day period that Edwards and his team has to correct and prevent this crushing situation. Let’s hope that they make it the priority and make a difference for the people who have elected them as their voice!

Barbara Binkiwitz is a Fredonia resident.