Fredonia: Village buried by excuses

In an editorial last week, we made mention of how when the private sector continues to downsize, government does nothing to compensate. In fact, it keeps its staffing at full throttle.

That was certainly the case last week when the village of Fredonia added a Department of Public Works employee to its staff. Supervisor Jack Boland told the board that 15 DPW employees are necessary for snow removal operations, and the department is currently down to 13 employees.

“It takes that many to move snow. … As soon as someone is sick or unavailable, then (snow removal) doesn’t happen,” he explained.

Snow removal, we should note, is covered on many of the main roads in the village by the state and county. But somehow, some way, the excuses from village supervisors get deeper than the snowbanks after a winter storm.

What is worse, is those excuses get approved by a 3-1 margin. That vote means a spending increase that overburdened taxpayers are on the hook for.