Striking out Cancer

For the third straight year, the Forestville Hornets and Silver Creek Black Knights took part in Spike Out Cancer to help raise money for Carly’s Club in CCAA Division 2 high school bowling action at Lucky Lanes.

Both teams did various events to raise money for the event and packed Lucky Lanes on Monday.

“Carly’s Club does so much in so many different ways for kids with cancer,” Forestville coach Todd Langworthy said. “Carly’s Club has taken care of many kids in our area. We have had kids in our school who have gone through Carly’s Club and go through the pediatric unit. We feel it’s a great cause. There are so many things they can do with the money to makes lives better.

“It’s kids helping kids,” Langworthy continued. “And that’s great. We stress the fact the kids need to be active participants in the community through service. I really like to stress the fact we are trying to make these kids into good students and good athletes, but overall, good people.”

In the girls’ match, Forestville (34-2) swept Silver Creek (31-9), 4-0.

The Lady Hornets’ linescore read Forest 717-759-652-2,128 compared to Silver Creek’s 562-674-554-1,790.

Emily Dillenburg led the way with a 226-606 while Sarah Pleva added a 220-584.

For the Black Knights, Lizzy Golubski charted a 212-570. and Tessa Gibbon shot a 202.

Forestville has handed Silver Creek seven of its nine losses this season.

“This was a big match for Silver Creek,” Langworthy said. “It was their last gasp to stay alive and our chance to avenge last year where we lost. The (Forestville) girls were fired up and confident. We felt we were better than Silver Creek. The girls really bowled well and proved how good we were today.”

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In the boys’ match, Forestville won, 3-1.

Forestville (32.5-11.5) combined for a 811-902-857-2,570 while Silver Creek (32-12) charted a 767-833-932-2,532.

Forestville’s Brad Dillenburg had a fine day with a 211-213-650.

“He has bowled really good the last week and a half,” Langworthy said of his freshman. “He rolled the ball extremely well. Ever since the first of the year, he has hit his stride. He is a great student in that he is always working and talking to me about what he is doing and trying to perfect what it is he is trying to work on. He works very hard and it means a lot to him. He is definitely a bowler. He takes it seriously.”

John Murphy added a 201-580 for the winners.

For the Black Knights, Carl Cotroneo bowled a 549 and Tyler Steklasa added a 548.

“It’s great for the kids,” Langworthy noted of the event. “The kids look forward to it. We get some of the better performances at this event. There are always a few who step up and have good days. We are glad Silver Creek is able to join us. They have been great partners with us.”

Helping to make the event possible are the owners of Hae Jude, John and Judy Metzger, who donate a lot to the event, according to Langworthy.