Hanover town board acts on sewer, water items

HANOVER – After a year of trying to sort out if the town will receive a van for the sewer/water department, the Hanover Town Board took action Monday.

At the town board’s workshop the board discussed how things had come to this point. Last February, the board requested bids for a new extended van to replace a 2005 Ford van. Then-Water/Sewer Superintendent Harold Anger explained the department wanted to replace the vehicle before it needed major, costly repairs. The board received the bids and a local dealership submitted a bid lower than state bid. This bid from West Herr was accepted and the town awaited the delivery of the vehicle.

It was later discovered there was no time limit for delivery written into the bid application. Throughout the year the town pursued the dealership to see whether the van would be delivered. Toward the end of the year when it was clear a van would not be produced, the town looked to see if there was any recourse that could be taken. However, since the bid was not a state bid and there was no bid bond required in the bid application, the town had run out of options.

Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro said the board must annul the previous accepted bid before advertising for bids again. He also suggested given the last experience that a delivery date “no later than” a certain number of days be included in the bid documents.

The board decided to approve a resolution to void its previous acceptance of the bid and cancel the purchase of the vehicle.

The board then authorized Walter Uhlendorff to advertise for bids for a 2013 extended van with bids to be opened Jan. 25.

The board also authorized Andrew Burns in the sewer department to attend a Basic Operations of Wastewater Treatment class in Morrisville at town expense, so that he may become an operator. Mark Ellis, Rob Weiskerger and Uhlendorff were also authorized to attend the Western New York Water Works conference in Batavia at town expense.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will meet today at 7 p.m. The Planning Board will meet Monday at 7 p.m. The next town board meeting will be held Jan. 28.