Flu season in full swing

It is going to be a long winter when it comes to the flu season.

Last week, the Chautauqua County Health Department issued a recommendation for all residents to receive a flu vaccination due to the “high levels of influenza-like-illness.” In addition, the department also issued these guidelines to reduce their chances of getting and spreading the flu and other infectious respiratory illnesses:

Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your elbow, not your hands. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.

Wash your hands often with soap and water especially after blowing your nose or coughing, using the bathroom, before and after eating and after being in contact with someone who is ill. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you aren’t near a sink.

Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.

Try to avoid close contact with sick people.

Stay home when you are sick.

Residents need to be vigilant against this illness, which is sometimes deadly. For more information, visit www.cdc.gov or contact the Chautauqua County Department of Health at 1-866-604-6789.