No rewards for hard work


Ralcorp announces plant closings in our area and the only comment from them was; “was due to re-allocation of manufacturing to maximize capacity and capabilities at other facilities within the United States.”

Excuse me for questioning why the statement did not include something about the company’s record profits or the great job performance of the local employees. Ralcorp stock soared to new highs this year, $90 per share and they enjoyed record profits.

As an area teacher for many years, I stressed the importance of hard work and playing by the rules. America was built on these principles; it’s what made this country the greatest nation on earth.

This move by Ralcorp is simply not the American way. The people of Petri Baking Products and Carriage House did work hard. They made their company a great deal of money and now they are rewarded with a pink slip and a cold hearted statement from the company. What do I tell my students now?