Registration begins for annual Winter Festival Treasure Hunt

MAYVILLE – The Medallion Treasure Hunt will again take place in conjunction with the 2013 President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival. The medallion, especially created for the Festival by artist David Stutzman for the 2006 Winter Festival, will be hidden on accessible public property somewhere in Chautauqua County.

Placed in a container or bag for its protection, the medallion will not be hidden below ground level and no higher than six feet above ground level. It will also not be hidden on any body of water or in the water.

Treasure hunters seek the medallion at their own risk. New rules allow prior treasure hunt winners from the 2011 Winter Festival Medallion Treasure Hunt and all previous years to be eligible to participate again. Festival Committee members and last year’s treasure hunt winner are not eligible to participate.

Clues will begin to appear in the media beginning Feb. 4 and continue each weekday only until Feb. 15. The clues will appear in the daily newspapers Jamestown Post Journal and Dunkirk OBSERVER, as well as radio stations WJTN, SE93, THE FOX, WKSN, and MY COUNTRY.

This year all treasure hunters must be registered to be eligible to win the $100 cash prize. More prizes may be included.

Details on this will be in the registration forms which will be available at the following Mayville businesses: Mayville Hardware, Webb’s Year-Round Resort Candy/Gift Shop, The Cottage Collection at Webb’s Year-Round Resort, Lighthouse Point Grocery, Home Chic, Chautauqua Suites Meeting & Expo Center (register at desk), as well as Chautauqua County branches of M & T Bank and Northwest Savings Bank (Jamestown Savings Bank).

There will be a $2 registration fee per entry and the deadline for registration is Feb. 3.

Please note that no registrations will be taken once the clues begin appearing in the newspapers and on the radio Feb. 4. So, beginning Jan. 22, don’t delay in registering for this annual treasure hunt.

Complete rules will be outlined in the registration form. The person or persons locating the medallion will be announced at the Festival’s Friday evening opening ceremonies on Feb. 15.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of this upcoming annual winter event: Major Sponsors Town of Chautauqua and Clark Patterson Lee Architectural Engineering Firm/Habiterra; Platinum Sponsor M & T Bank; Gold Sponsor Northwest Savings Bank; and Silver Sponsors Irwin Bay Cottages and Welch’s.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the 2013 Winter Festival or would like more information about the Festival, call the Mayville/Chautauqua Community Chamber of Commerce at 753-3113.