Perrysburg updated on water project

PERRYSBURG – The town of Perrysburg was given another update on the water project at its monthly town board meeting. Jake Alianello, from Alianello Engineering, provided an update on the water project for the second month. He said work on the well house is nearly completed.

“Not 100 percent done now but pretty close,” he said.

The items that need to be addressed are minor items for the project that need to be wrapped up. Alianello described them as simple housekeeping items.

Alianello also asked the town for a third payment of $11,065.13 for J.D. Northrup. A change order and the five percent retainage fee is not included in this payment. The retainage fee is held until all work is completed and then paid. The change order of $2,400 was approved at November’s town board meeting.

Mark Alianello, of Alianello Engineering, gave an update on the Edwards Corners well project as well as the water treatment plant. Ehmke Well Drillers Inc. of Silver Creek was sent the contract for the well project. The town is waiting to hear back from the company regarding a start date. Mark said the water treatment plant received the OK from the health department to go out to bid.

“(The health department) recommends that we go out to bid as soon as possible,” Mark said.

The town will advertise for bids and those bids will be open on Feb. 7. All bids will be discussed at the February monthly meeting. Mark said at the March monthly meeting, the town will sign contracts and award the notice to proceed with construction to start in April.

“It’s a good time to start construction,” Mark said. “Right now is the perfect time to bid. Contractors are looking for work for next year.”

In other business, the town will allow the town of Persia to piggy back on its radio license through shared services and the town accepted the resignation of Louise Hubbard as deputy town clerk.

The town board passed a resolution to have the agricultural use structure be charged a minimum fee of $35 for building permits and no longer be required to pay per square footage.

Dog Control Officer Kathy Hagner reminded residents that all dogs need rabies shots starting at four months and the town does have a leash law and a poop scoop law.

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