Roberts, New road residents want water lines

After hearing about plans to run a waterline from Pomfret to Silver Creek, with the town of Dunkirk in between, some town residents thought it might be the time to bring up the lack of city water in a portion of the east town.

New Road resident Judy Szukala along with Roberts Road residents Gene Tarnowski, Joan Grupa, Philip Logan and Candace Sears attended Thursday’s Dunkirk Town Board meeting to address the area’s lack of city water.

Szukala said last summer she was unable to do laundry at her residence because there was not sufficient well water.

“I did the laundromat all summer (due to) no city water. Then I hear we are concerned about the east and west side of Route 5 but no mention of New Road, Roberts Road, Swamp Road, that we don’t have city water. Are we going to address this?,” she asked.

Tarnowski said many people would like to build homes in the area but after learning there is no city water, decide to go elsewhere.

The residents were upset that they must pay a comprehensive water tax and be part of a water district but do not receive water.

Supervisor Richard Purol said running water lines through the Roberts Road area has been discussed many times in the past.

Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro explained to get the process going the residents must submit to the town a list of the properties the proposed line would affect.

The town board then has the authority to determine whether it thinks the project is feasible and to commission a survey of the work to be done and the cost by an engineer. Passafaro explained the state comptroller’s office sets a threshold price per user per year, where any amount over must be approved by its office.

Purol said an engineering study was done for Roberts and New roads in 2008 and the proposed cost of the project was $1,760,000. He explained the ideal thing to do would be to hook into the Franklin Avenue line; however the line would need to be replaced before it could be extended.

Tarnowski suggested hooking into the line on Williams Street instead. Purol explained the Bennett Road line which connects to Williams Street is also in need of replacement.

Councilman Robert Penharlow suggested the board contact Southern Tier West to see if it could help with GIS mapping of the area and also the Department of Agriculture because it is an agricultural district.

Szukala said she is also concerned the old dump on New Road could be contaminating residents’ well water. Purol said the board would contact the Health Department on the matter.

The board will hold a workshop and special meeting on Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. The board’s regular meeting conflicts with the Annual Association of Towns meeting and was rescheduled for Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.