Absent Peters deserves support


This letter is in response to the editorial regarding Silver Creek trustee Ben Peters’ absence at Village Board meetings (Jan. 11). Do we understand who is really complaining?

Is this all we have time for is to criticize board members for everything they do?

We have a local young man who has served in the military, now is in the reserves and has started a new job so he can stay in the area. I assume we all understand how demanding the job market is. At one point we are complaining about lack of jobs. Next we are complaining because his “job” interferes with his Board meeting attendance. Do we understand that new hires are on probation and get the off shifts? Do we understand how much he does for the village behind the scenes as a trustee?

I remember other past board members who had job conflicts, and meetings had to be scheduled so they did not miss work. Why are we so quick to judge now?

So who might take on the task of replacing this board member? I don’t see any young, qualified people knocking down the door. I wonder why?

What would happen if we backed our boards and let them do their jobs?


Silver Creek