Chautauqua County RSVP seeks volunteers

Chautauqua County RSVP has received requests for volunteers to serve as mentors. This placement could help a child become successful in school and reach their academic potential.

Many individuals residing in health care facilities could benefit from a visit from a friend from the community. The opportunity to share some conversation with a resident in a facility not only offers them an opportunity for social interaction, but a new friend could be made.

Many mature adults living alone and isolated in Chautauqua County do not have local family members or a supportive network in place. These are the citizens within the county who are unable to go to their necessary medical appointments as they either do not have a car or are unable to travel alone. RSVP is looking for someone who would consider chauffeuring or escorting them to a necessary appointment.

If interested in any of these volunteer placements, call Brenda Weiler at Chautauqua County RSVP, 665-3038.