Gowanda High School selects Students of the Month

GOWANDA – Gowanda High School has selected Students of the Month for December for their achievements in several different subjects. The honorees are as follows:

Casey Peglowski, Grade 10, Business

Peglowski was nominated by Ed Bugenhagen because she is always willing to learn new skills with a positive attitude. She consistently completes assignments ahead of time and is even eager to learn advanced skills beyond the course curriculum. She has completed documents for the guidance department, as well as challenging herself to maintain her title as the fastest typist in her class. Peglowski is hoping to play volleyball and softball in the upcoming years. She is planning to go to college and study to be an athletic trainer. The person who has influenced her the most is her mom because she has always encouraged Peglowski to do her best.

Cayleigh Pracht, Grade 12, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a Panther means – prepared, respectful, involved, determined and excellent. Pracht is an exceptional student at GCS, one who will be remembered and admired by teachers and peers. Pracht participates in school plays and musicals and runs for the cross country and track teams at GHS. She is the president of both the Student Council and the Thespian Society/Chamber Choir. She represents the student body on the Board of Education and is a member of the National Honor Society. After graduation Pracht plans to go to college and work hard.

Cole Smith, Grade 10, Health

Smith was nominated by Joseph Bruening because he has shown great improvement in Health, and more importantly, he shows genuine interest in class. Cole is always engaged and contributes with intelligent questions and comments. He participates in cross country, wrestling, baseball and both youth and small groups. After high school he plans to go to college for construction or auto tech and geology.

Gabrielle McCormack, Grade 10, Science

McCormack was chosen by John Swanson. She is always prepared for class and takes a genuine interest in the subject matter being presented. She asks questions, is involved and always strives to do her best. She is a true ambassador of Panther PRIDE. McCormack participates in musicals, the school plays and is a manager for the cross country team. Outside of school, she takes dance in Fredonia and has attended musical theater camps during the summer. In her spare time she enjoys practicing the marimba. Upon graduation she is planning to study math and science while continuing her participation in the arts.

Jessica Sowa, Grade 11, Mathematics

Sowa was nominated by John Beaumariage. She has a 100 average so far this quarter and had a 100 average last quarter. She always does her best and isn’t afraid to ask questions. She is a hard worker where excellence, if not perfection, is the only acceptable goal. Sowa participates in varsity basketball, softball and tennis. She also is involved in Youth Group and on a bowling league. Sowa intends to go to a four-year college and major in a science. Eventually she plans to work with animals.

Jordan Sanderson, Grade 10, Social Studies

Sanderson was nominated by Mark Leous because he cares very much about social studies. He consistently hands his projects in ahead of schedule. He asks good questions and constantly does well on all tests and assignments. Sanderson is a Boy Scout working towards his Eagle badge. Outside of school he hunts, fishes, bowls and plays soccer. After graduating from high school, he hopes to go to JCC and then transfer to a four-year college.

Kelsey Herniman, Grade 11, LOTE

Herniman was nominated by Barb Dempsey because her positive attitude and infectious smile make having her as a student pure joy. Herniman is an enthusiastic student who always gives 100 percent to her school work. Her assignments reflect thought and hard work. She is well respected among her peers and a role model for the students at GCS. Herniman is a very busy senior. She is involved in the yearbook, student council, varsity tennis, softball, youth court and has directed the musicals. She also volunteers at the Gowanda Food Pantry and the Collins Library. After leaving GHS, Herniman plans to attend a four-year college.

Nathan James, Grade 12, the Arts

James was nominated by Heather Rydzik and Casey Mohr because he exemplifies every aspect of Panther PRIDE, which is part of what makes him a successful student and artist. However, he is exceptionally determined which is what makes him stand out. His positive attitude toward his work and perseverance is amazing. He always encourages students to try their best even though the task may seem difficult. James constantly draws and is always trying to find new techniques to advance his abilities. He hopes to become involved in media and character design. He feels that the world is moving toward technology and the jobs are, too.

Trevor Greco, Grade 9, ELA

Greco was nominated by Shannon Styles because he is very responsible with his work and always makes sure he has all assignments in on time. He is willing to help other students when needed and is a leader in the classroom. Greco is a positive role model and is respected by his peers. His work always has the appropriate details that help to convey his ideas. Greco participates in basketball and track and field along with having prominent roles in GHS plays and musicals. His plan is to go to college for engineering or science.