In Honor: A veteran’s view regarding America

There must be something broken with my country, the United States of America. Something is broken when it is no longer safe to drop your children off at their schools, when parents don’t know if it will be the last time they hear their children speak, give them hugs or say “I love you.” When schools are no longer safe, what is?

We are the strongest, and some say the richest, country in the world. We send troops all over the world, not caring what the cost will be, to protect people in harm’s way. Yet we can’t protect our own future.

We can pass laws and change rules, but the doors to our children’s schools in some areas are still open to those who want to bring them harm and create fear.

Everyone in Washington has answers for how to correct the problem, yet they have no idea what the real problem is! We will talk about the weapons issue until something else comes up that changes the priority from guns to some other topic.

It seems that politicians will change their views on issues and change what issues they focus on from day to day, saying anything that will get them votes or keep them in office for one more term.

As a veteran I can see that our country is broken. Something is wrong. It’s different than it used to be. The United States is a country that takes care of its veterans, but still sometimes misses the boat when it comes to returning veterans who have completed their military enlistments.

It’s sad for me to drive around town and see veterans wearing their Army, Navy and Marines T-shirts, recently discharged, either mowing lawns or painting houses or working for minimum wage.

All our highly trained veterans who went to war and did their duty are returning home, wanting to start lives with families and homes. We, the strongest country in the world, have nothing to offer our returning heros. Even going back to school and earning degrees won’t guarantee them jobs.

With all the government organizations, grants and programs, why can’t we establish an auxiliary unit to the military that would hire returning veterans, who can’t otherwise find work, to protect our children in their schools? With all the money that is wasted in the United States, there have to be resources to hire these veterans to guard schools.

Hiring them to do this right after they were discharged would guarantee that these veterans were adequately trained and ready to protect the children.

This would be a win-win situation. Placing a guard at every school door, trained and ready to protect, would give them decent jobs and maybe save some children.

I have grandchildren and God willing, I might hold a great-grandchild in my arms someday. Americans my age should not be worried about our grandchildren going to school, yet we do, and we’ll keep on worrying until America is fixed.