Market ‘politics’ hurt Fredonia


I am writing this letter to let the communities of Fredonia and Dunkirk know what is happening with the Fredonia Farmers’ Market.

As some of you already know, the village of Fredonia will soon be voting on the decision of who, the Chamber of Commerce or Festivals Fredonia, will be running the Fredonia Farmers’ Market.

First off, let me make residents aware of how this started. Barbara Sam, who was in charge, let the Village of Fredonia know over a year ago, March 2011 to be exact, that she would no longer be able to oversee the market because of family responsibilities.

We, as vendors, submitted our interest to the village that we would be willing to take it over.

As small business owners ourselves, we felt we’d be more than capable of running an already well established market and to continue to serve our customers and community.

We were met with resistance and told that people could not get along and that we needed someone in charge. I disagree.

We already run the Winter Farmers’ Market as a group and have had much success without the Village to support us and the Winter Farmers’ Market lasts two months longer than the summer market.

I’d also like to point out that only one of the Village Board members has ever come to the Winter Farmers’ Market to see how it’s run or to ask questions.

The village of Fredonia is in favor of the Chamber of Commerce taking over. We are not.

We even went as far as creating a petition stating that we, as vendors, would like Festivals Fredonia to take the reins and our customers support us as well. I do not understand why this has even become an issue.

We are not being listened to and frankly, I’m fed up. It’s ridiculous to me that the vendors, the people that show up every week and make the market happen, are being ignored.

Is the village playing favorites? In my opinion, yes.

It’s like telling people that already run their own businesses that they are incapable of running a business!

The village of Fredonia needs to listen to the vendors and community that supports us and stop playing politics!




article ‘inspiring’


“In Perfect Harmony” article in Sunday’s Lifestyles (Jan. 13) was a masterpiece. Not only an inspiring story, April Diodato had the humanity, love and power of music dripping off the page.

She will no doubt receive an award for this piece. This woman can write!