What other rights are next?


There is a reason for the resistance of gun owners to allow the government to restrict the types of weapons and magazines they can own.

The main one is this legislation will not stop mass murders and this is well known to people like U.S. Sens. Diane Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and the president. When gun violence continues, do you actually believe they will not push for an outright ban on all guns ? These are the same folks who are fine with the equivalent of 100 Sandy Hook shootings a day but done under the auspices of a woman’s right to choose.

Like it or not the children killed at that school were once unborn babies. Another fact always ignored by the media is the number of lives saved and crimes deterred by private ownership of guns. Imagine the number of home invasions, especially in rural areas, that would occur if criminals had no fear of an armed citizen. How many people have not been a crime victim by merely brandishing a weapon?

What other rights would you be willing to forgo in the event of another tragedy? Would you allow your home to be searched without a warrant if it would help authorities find illegal guns? How about the right to a jury trial. This could slow down government arrest of citizens accused of not turning in their guns so it would make sense to ‘temporarily end it. Who could be against massive road blocks and indiscriminate searches of citizens anywhere in public if it would make you feel safer? We should also control the press just in case they might hinder the roundup of guns. There was great jubilation that the Niagara Falls Air base will adopt a new mission of housing drone airplanes. It’s estimated there will be 30,000 of these type machines flying over the U.S. by 2020.

Did you ever give a thought to what the government will be using them for? I’m sure they’ll make all you folks who want to get rid of guns feel much safer because we all know that our sterling leaders of such high repute would never abuse their power.

Sandi Landrich is a Fredonia resident.