Attendance at speech boosts capital gains

Business woes have almost been a recurring theme of the first 13 months of office for Dunkirk Mayor Anthony J. Dolce.

But Dolce did something very important earlier this month: He attended the State of the State address by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 9. Though none of Cuomo’s talk discussed the NRG Energy Inc. facility on the city’s waterfront, the fact Dolce was in attendance is something Albany leaders took note of.

Already, Dolce had talked with top Cuomo officials in a visit to Albany last summer to talk about the importance of the NRG plant to the city and county. By all accounts, he made a strong pitch while at the capital.

Communicating your concerns from Dunkirk is one thing. Making the trip from a city – six hours away – to Albany, however, speaks greater volumes.