Carnival light vendor sheds some light on arch project


OBSERVER Correspondent

BROCTON – New bases for the Brocton Arch should be back in place by the end of the month, according to Village Mayor Dave Hazelton.

During a brief meeting of the board of trustees recently, the first one of the New Year, the board reported on the progress of the refurbishment of the four-corner arch.

The concrete, subjected to hardness testing, has passed all necessary tests in order to be poised to hold the soon-to-be-refurbished arms of the arch. The next step of the process was to gain any response from New York State Department of Transportation officials from the SEQRA sent out by the village regarding whether work could continue without negative impact on traffic patterns and flow. With no response reported by Village Clerk Karen Ardillo, work can continue as scheduled.

Illuminating the Village Hall meeting space was a colorful LED lighting sample provided to the village by Amusement Ride Manufacturing out of Ohio. The manufacturer of carnival ride lighting presented the board with a sample in hopes that it could be selected as a future bidder for the lighting component of the project. As samples from vendors filter in, Village Lineman Joe Majkowski will be inspecting the samples to see if the fixtures will fit the specifications of the project, as well as add to the original flair of the structure.

Ardillo and Mayor Hazelton acknowledged Joseph and Judy Pisoni, as well as Charles Nixon for their generous donations toward the arch. Donations are estimated at close to $39,000, well exceeding the original matching amount required by the project’s funding source.

In other matters, the mayor noted to the board that ambulance coverage is now formally being provided in all districts of the town of Portland under the newly created town ambulance district.

With that portion of emergency response business taken care of for the future, Hazelton added the next logical step would be to begin talks with both the Portland and Brocton fire departments about their interest in a full-blown merger.

All board members present agreed that more conversation on the topic should continue only if the departments express a positive direction toward a potential merger. The board agreed to table the issue until further communication takes place with fire department officials from both companies.

Trustee Art Donovan reported to the board on a successful luncheon held recently at the St. Stephen’s Hotel for the Brocton/Portland Seniors group. The luncheon boasted close to 50 local seniors at the newly-reopened establishment.

The board will meet next on Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. at its Village Hall meeting location. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.