Arkwright getting organized

ARKWRIGHT – January is the time for the Arkwright Town Board to get organized. The board agreed to a number of items which set the guidelines for how the town will do business in the coming year.

The meeting date for the board will continue to be the second Monday of each month, except as changed by resolution of the town board. Meetings will begin at 7:30 p.m., except when a public hearing precedes the meeting. In that case, the meeting will begin after the hearing.

A public comment section will be held at each regular meeting at the end of the new business section. Persons who sign up to speak are given a maximum of three minutes. Additional time may be granted by a majority vote of the board.

The supervisor or his designee was authorized to perform a number of functions: purchase certificates of deposit for the Town from time to time in amounts and for a duration at the highest available interest rate; transfer monies and make deposits as needed, and pay utility bills when due. In addition the supervisor was authorized to act on behalf of the town board between meetings.

Official depositories for the town are: Evans National Bank, Community Bank, and M & T Bank. The OBSERVER was named official newspaper.

Items related to the Arkwright highway department included: entering into a shared highway services agreement; authorizing the superintendent to post town roads to limit passage to vehicles whose gross weight is six tons or less; authorizing the superintendent to advertise for certain highway supplies; partially reimbursing the highway superintendent for use of his personal mobile phone at the rate of $40 per month, since this is more economical to the town.

The town hall was designated the official polling place.

The board authorized mileage for persons on town business at a rate of $.40 per mile. Members of the Zoning Board of Appeals will be paid $20 for each meeting attended. Members of the Assessment Board of Appeals will be paid $50 for each grievance day attended.

Salaries of officials were also reviewed. See fact box.

Barbara Swanferger was reappointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals. James Potter is chairperson. Jared Woolley was reappointed to the planning board. Reappointed to the Ethics Committee were: David Sanders, Ed Long and Alex Gizowski.

The picnic committee will consist of Fred and Alex Norton, Linda Fairbanks, Ruth Nichols, Paul and Myra Fruehauf, Larry and Anna Wilcox, Allan and Sandy Forbes, Dennis J. and Donna Stephens, and Doug and Colleen Aldrich.

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