Sheridan Town Board reappoints John Reardon to Board of Assessment Review

SHERIDAN – Ordinarily, an appointment to the Board of Assessment does not create much discussion. It is even more unusual for the subject to create laughter.

John Reardon has served on this board in Sheridan for 24 years. Supervisor Louis Delmonte Sr. thought since Reardon was 92 he would want to step down.

According to Delmonte, Reardon did not want to step down. Furthermore, Reardon is not 92, he is 95.

Delmonte said, “He told me there’s not much he can do at his age, but he feels he can do this. … When I reminded him that the term is five years, he told me then we could revisit this when he was 100.”

Delmonte shook his head, laughed and said Reardon is quick-witted and feisty.

Councilwoman Colleen Yerico laughed and said, “I love it!”

Councilwoman Amy Farnham smiled, and later said the council learned not to assume anything.

The vote on the reappointment was 4-1. Councilman Richard Feinen voted against the appointment.

The board also acted on the following matters:

The board approved emergency repairs to the court building. The roof has leaked in places causing some damage to historical books.

The contract with the Teamsters Union was approved.

A contract with providers of Zumba to use the community center for class was approved. The two instructors were at the meeting and expressed their understanding and satisfaction with the terms.

The board approved a license agreement with the Board of Elections to use the community center as a polling site.

The procurement policy and cash management and investment policies were approved.

The board set Feb. 21 at 7:15 p.m., prior to the next regularly scheduled town board meeting, for a public hearing on the fire protection district contract.

The board decided to continue membership in the Southern Tier West Community Assistance Program. Clerk Julie Szumigala noted the organization provides classes for members and was also helpful with records management.

The board set June 1 for an electronic waste recycling event. More details will be forthcoming.

The board scheduled a workshop meeting for Feb. 4 at 7 p.m.

Szumigala read reports from the court, the dog control officer, and her own report. She noted that her annual report is available for review. She told the board that tax collection has just begun and she has had many people come in already.

“The people of Sheridan are to be commended for coming in and getting their taxes paid so quickly,” she said.

James Crowell, codes enforcement officer joked, “I have so many reports you probably don’t want to hear them all.” He noted he had a monthly report as well as a state annual report, and a federal report for the Bureau of the Census. For the year, he issued 73 permits, collected $4,528 in fees, drove 1,100 miles, and put in 808 hours. He said anyone is welcome to review his reports.

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