Church knows rink responsibility


New Year’s edition of the OBSERVER contained an article on the front page reporting the town of Charlotte’s recent board meeting, during which town counsel, Mr. William Duncanson, spoke in his legal capacity regarding what he perceives to be liability concerns should the village help support this project in any way.

Mr. Duncanson was doing no less than is his responsibility in giving his opinion to the board. The article however, has him pointing out that according to information he had received, “the church was planning no supervision for the rink.” I am writing to correct this bit of misinformation.

No one at any time has contacted anyone from Park Church regarding our plans for the rink. In fact, we have planned two ways for the rink to be used. Public skates will be supervised by Park Church volunteers. Public skate times will be posted weekly on our website, and private skate parties will be able to be arranged by reservation on the same web site.

For private skate times, supervision by at least one adult is required. Both public and private sanctioned skate times will be supervised and no skating is permitted on the rink outside of the times that will be posted weekly on the website.

As to liability, Park Church has already obtained a rider on our insurance to cover the rink.

Our stated mission is “Reaching the Heart of the County with the Heart of Christ.” We believe this involves more than merely holding religious services. We host the Underground, a ministry to the teens of our area, a food pantry, an after school program, and make our facilities available to the community on a nearly daily basis.

The skating rink is but one facet of our commitment to the Cassadaga Valley community of which Sinclairville is a part. As Mrs. Peterson pointed out in the above mentioned article, “It’s really sad that there is so little to do for kids.”

We are trying to do our part to foster community relations and to give back to the community to which we belong.


Park Church pastor,