Board agrees to share code enforcement, zoning officers

CASSADAGA – The only visitor to the Cassadaga Village Board meeting on Wednesday evening was David Wilson, Stockton Town Supervisor.

Wilson brought a copy of the agreement to share code enforcement and zoning officers. Wilson explained the agreement expired Feb. 1.

“I have two copies if the village would like to sign,” he said. The board members in attendance looked over the agreement and moved to accept it for another year.

Wilson also brought in the schedule of fees for permits that the Stockton Town Board had recently adopted. Stockton had reviewed and updated the fees since it had not been done for a number of years.

“This is for your information,” he said, “I’m not advocating the adoption of this. It’s up to the board.”

“We’ll review it with Mike (Norris, village attorney),” said Mayor LeeAnn Lazarony.

Although she did not endorse the adoption of the fees, Trustee Valerie Culverwell noted that if the fees were the same it would be consistent within the town.

“We have to think how it will affect the village people,” said Deputy Mayor Rodney Waite.

A number of items on the agenda had to do with public works. Supervisor Tom Fetter was unable to attend the meeting but sent in a report.

He wanted the residents to be sure they do not block the sidewalk. He also asked that residents pick up after their dogs. He has noted dog waste on the sidewalks, probably because the snowbanks are deep.

Upon further review of municipal law the village attorney drew up a contract to allow the village to plow the Cassadaga Library parking lot. The board approved this.

Last year Culverwell recognized village residents who “adopted” a fire hydrant during the winter and kept it shoveled out. She plans to do the same this year. She and Trustee Mike Lehnen both expressed appreciation to the village residents who shovel out the hydrants.

Arkwright requested a change in the configuration of the fire districts. The board looked at the map provided, and a county map. They discussed the best route to those areas and whether the information about houses and farms were correct. They also discussed which fire department was actually closer. Arkwright has traditionally had two fire districts, one covered by Forestville Fire Department and one by the Cassadaga Fire Department.

Trustee Mike Lehnen referring to Arkwright Town Supervisor Frederic Norton said, “He’s assuming (that we will change the contract) and I’ve got a problem with that.”

The mayor called the Cassadaga Fire Chief. After getting his input, the board decided to accept two of the three geographic changes proposed.

Trustee Ronald DeChard was absent from the board meeting because he was representing the village at a committee meeting at Cassadaga Valley Central School concerning the closure of the Cassadaga Elementary School. At their last meeting, the board members unanimously passed a resolution opposing the action. Superintendent Scott Smith called Lazarony asking for her to join the committee. Because the meetings conflicted in time, DeChard was sent. It is not certain at this time who will represent the village.

After the board meeting, Lazarony said that she and Lehnen were nominated at the party caucuses on Tuesday. Lazarony is seeking another term as mayor while Lehnen would like another term as trustee. Lazarony is a member of the Progressive Party while Lehnen is a member of the Taxpayers Party. At this time there is no opposition to either candidate. In addition there was no nomination for the other trustee position that will be vacant. Deputy mayor Rodney Waite is not planning to seek the position and will be leaving the board.

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