Silver Creek makes changes to sewer resolutions

SILVER CREEK – This past week’s meeting of the Silver Creek Village Board was very similar to its last regular meeting earlier this month.

Mayor Kurt Lindstrom read through several lengthy resolutions pertaining to the village’s upcoming sewer improvement project.

These resolutions were very similar to those read at the Jan. 7 meeting, with a few amendments.

“We had to make some changes to the resolutions we passed at the last meeting,” Trustee Nick Piccolo explained later in a phone interview. “They were the same resolutions but there were amendments or corrections. One of those was the project cost, it went from like $5 million to like $4 million.”

The resolution read the cost of the project would not exceed $4,872,000. The previous figure was $5,030,000.

Piccolo said the reason for the decrease in the projected price is because the village qualified for a lower interest rate on loans for the project.

He said the other amendments had to do with the wording of the State Environmental Quality Review Resolutions.

“There was a misprint in one of the guidelines,” he explained.

The SEQR resolutions passed included changes in the language in explaining the process is required by DEC consent order and adding a resolution to include SEQR language for the water meter replacement portion of the project. Both resolutions were labeled Type II actions, meaning it is not subject to SEQR.

Trustee Thomas Harmon explained the changes in language were made to accommodate Environmental Facilities Corporation guidelines.

The next village board meeting will be held Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. in the village hall.