CAC concerned about recycling, landlord tenant agreement

Reduce, reuse and recycle are on the mind of the Dunkirk Citizens’ Advisory Committee.

The organization was brainstorming regarding the city’s recycling program. The CAC had concerns about the number of city residents who utilize the recycling program within the city. Among the ideas brought up were helping get students involved or the city providing bins for residents to use for recycling. Since the city has a zero sort policy, all recyclables can be placed into one container to be picked up.

CAC member Donna Keith suggested that students could bring recycling information home from school to disperse to their families.

“I think the idea of having the kids talking about recycling to their parents (and) about programs at school, is a good idea,” she said.

Danny McGill, CAC member, suggested involving the schools and possibly being in touch with the superintendent of schools.

“Maybe we can get some school support,” he said.

The idea of the city providing recycling containers may present other issues. Members brought up the problem of residents not using the containers and having containers blow away if residents do not pick them up right away. Residents using them around the house for other reasons besides recycling was another concern.

“The only problem with that is … (workers) will take that and throw it,” Keith said.

The CAC also had concerns with the landlord tenant proposal.

Keith said when former councilwoman Rose Floramo resigned, the proposal was almost ready to be presented to Common Council. Since Floramo resigned, Councilmember William Rivera has taken over the proposal. Keith wanted to know where the proposal stood and what movement has been made. She suggested writing a letter to Rivera to see where the proposal is.

The next CAC meeting will be Feb. 13. City Treasurer Mark Woods is scheduled to speak.

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