Missing photo ‘minor league’


I was shocked and very disappointed with the OBSERVER’s article on the deaths of the two Hall of Fame greats, Stan “The Man” Musial and Earl Weaver. What really bothered me was that there was not a photo of both men. If there was only the picture of one man, it certainly should have been of Stan Musial.

Stan Musial was definitely an “A” class Baseball Hall of Famer. Nothing against Earl Weaver, but to not have a photo of Stan Musial with your article was definitely minor league.



Merger effort appreciated


As a former two-term president of the Westfield Board of Education I am more than pleased to see the progress being made in the possible merger of the Brocton and Westfield districts.

Even though we are no longer residents of Westfield, I do keep myself informed of the “happenings” of the region. I do laud the energy and dedication of these two districts. Not only would the communities of Westfield and Brocton prosper due to the merger the entire region would reap the benefits of such a venture.

My sincere congratulations for your efforts and am looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.


Las Vegas, Nev.

Go to sheriff on gun law


There are 62 counties in New York state. Each county has an elected sheriff. The sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the county. He does not work for the state of New York. He does not work for President Obama. A sheriff’s lawful authority in his county supersedes that of any state or federal law enforcement.

That being the case, county sheriffs have the ability to be an effective Constitutional line of defense against tyranny. They can interpose to prevent citizens in their county from being victimized by higher levels of government. They can tell those authorities to back off. This is nothing new. It has been done before. There is legal precedent

Governor Cuomo’s new gun legislation is the most alarming threat to Constitutional freedom that I have ever experienced. It amounts to harassment and unmitigated tyranny against every law-abiding gun owner in New York state. The Sheriffs of New York can stop this unjust law in its tracks by refusing to participate with the state in its schemes to defraud responsible citizens of their Second Amendment rights. More than 50 county sheriffs throughout the country have already committed to doing this.

I encourage all concerned New Yorkers to contact their county sheriff and voice support for him to oppose gun-control tyranny from Albany or Washington.

Yes, this is a serious measure to take. But the legislative oppression that law-abiding gun owners are facing demands a serious response.