Gun laws just the beginning

I write this in hopes to find other like minded individuals. I write this knowing I may be arrested and prosecuted for my freedom of speech, even with a family to support.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of federal and state that it is the individuals right to bear arms and it shall not be infringed upon. However our State Legislature moved in the dark of night, fully disregarding these judgments, to impose harsher restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.

Gov. Andrew custom himself turned a blind eye to the fireman killed on Christmas Eve by a man who was released, for killing once before, nonetheless, a felon. Felons are not allowed to have firearms – period. Certainly not a handgun in which our state has the harshest means for a law-abiding citizen to obtain.

Has any news network followed up on how he obtained these weapons? Of course not, our media has political agendas and opinions too. This man killed firemen with the illegally possessed guns and yet nothing is done to stop it. Who’s responsible for our safety? If you said the government, you are wrong. We, the people, are responsible for ourselves. Read the Supreme Court case about DC vs Heller. Our emergency services are not required to help us, so it is up to the people to protect themselves.

I have no military background or leadership skills, I ask that those who do to look inside themselves and follow the Constitution. We the people are obligated to restore power to the people when tyranny is present. It is the sole reason why the Second Amendment exists – not hunting, nor self-defense.

Thomas Jefferson stated that the Second Amendment is there for when tyrants try to take it. There are so may outraged, including myself, and yet who will lead us to stop this tyranny? Our legislators have committed treason against the people of New York.

A militia needs to be established to arrest those responsible and place them on trial, they too are entitled to due process of the law. I am not suggesting overthrowing our government but only restoring it.

If there are others that agree with my opinion please post on the website in response or word of mouth to others. A militia is legal, and it is not provided by our government.

The National Guard is not our militia, they are controlled by our governor. I know of many that either have to sell their arms, bury them where they can’t be found, or be arrested for them without committing no crime.

We still can’t prevent those who want to kill fireman or other innocents when our rifles are taken away.

Maybe those who possess weapons might be around before the police get there (who are not obligated under law to respond).

The school shooting in Connecticut was the second biggest massacre in American history. The first was 9/11 and only box cutters were used.

Will anyone lead this likemindedness? I do not possess the skills, only the heart and the gall to stop the tyranny. I don’t even own an “assault” rifle. Those who would give up their essential liberties, to purchase little or temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Nor will they likely end up with either – Ben Franklin.

Who will stand?

Seth Ingalls is a Jamestown resident.