Jacobs ends year with $2.1 million surplus in Erie County Clerk’s Office

BUFFALO – Chris Jacobs is ending his first year as County Clerk earning $2.1 million extra for Erie County taxpayers, he announced recently.

“This additional money does not stay with the Clerk’s Office but goes into the County’s General Fund,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs credits the implementation of management reforms that resolved the massive paperwork backlog he inherited in the Land Records Division, which resulted in depositing more than $3 million in un-cashed checks. Additionally, the surplus was helped by a robust real estate market and a stepped up campaign to urge Erie County residents to renew their automobile registrations locally to keep critical fee revenue in Erie County versus it all going to Albany.

After taking office Jacobs became aware of a breakdown in the procedure and processes in the Land Records Division, resulting in critical land documents not being returned to citizens and business owners for over a year and checks not being deposited for as long as six months.

Jacobs created a “Re-Engineering Working Group” made up of county employees and volunteers from the real estate and banking sector who studied the office and produced 26 recommendations to improve operations. Clerk Jacobs says they have implemented over 50 percent of the recommendations thus far and have begun a similar “re-engineering” process to improve the operations at the County Auto Bureaus.

The County Clerk also thanked M & T Bank and gave particular praise to Nora Antonucci, Vice President of Bankwide Transformation for M & T Bank, who was instrumental in leading the Working Group through the “Re-Engineering” initiative.

“With good management practices we can generate savings throughout our county government, keeping funding for critical programs while avoiding the need for more taxes,” Jacobs said.