Chadwick Bay visits Hanover board

HANOVER – The Hanover Town Board received a visit from a familiar face at its recent meeting. Chadwick Bay Regional Development Corporation Executive Director and former Hanover Supervisor Kathy Tampio stopped by to give an update on CBRDC’s regional water project and other ways it can help members.

She said CBRDC’s objectives are to provide a long-term, sustainable system that provides the quality and quantity of water required now and in the future, achieve cost effectiveness, enable and support economic growth and build out to serve additional regional customers.

She outlined the benefits of the CBRDC water system for the town of Hanover specifically. She explained this would give the town an option other than Erie County Water Authority, allow for voting power in the system administration and reduce the cost of water.

A handout given to board members estimated the town could save $90,000 a year from the $185,000 it budgeted for water from ECWA this year.

Also present with Tampio was Clark Patterson Lee Engineer Rick Henry, who showed the board a map of the proposed project, which would first connect waterlines from Westfield to Silver Creek along Route 5 and then later expand along Route 20 and farther inland.

He said much of the work is already under way with a $17 million project in the city of Dunkirk to be completed in 2014 and lines between Portland and Pomfret and in Sheridan already in planning phases.

“You would be amazed at how close we are to making these connections,” he said.

Tampio said CBRDC also wants to help member municipalities in other ways besides just water. She explained a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan can help municipalities receive grants but is not always cost effective. However, it is much more feasible if more than one municipality joins together in a LWRP.

“This is another initiative we would like to accomplish,” she said. “Grant money is getting smaller and smaller and it is harder to get. Other places with a LWRP will get priority in the grant process.”

She explained dredging Cattaraugus Creek near the boat launch and also up to the railroad crossing due to flooding problem and also tourism are priorities in the town of Hanover.

However, if the town could do an LWRP on its own, consulting would cost around $40,000, only 50 percent of which is fundable if they get a grant, so the town would be on the hook for $20,000.

She said by working with CBRDC, county planning and Lake Erie Management Commission an LWRP could be formed with Dunkirk and Westfield, who also desire to dredge their harbors, for a cost of $2,000 per municipality.

She asked the board to consider the option.

She also asked municipalities to bring Time Warner Cable contracts to the next CBRDC meeting for review. She said after speaking to the FCC, the group could review each other’s contracts and go to Time Warner Cable as a consortium to try to negotiate terms more favorable for the municipalities.

She also mentioned the possibility of another meeting with railroad representatives.

The next CBRDC meeting will be held Feb. 14. The next Hanover Town Board meeting will be held Feb. 11