City resident a wanted man

A Dunkirk man is on the run and is wanted by authorities in Niagara County. Police are looking for Paul Turley, 47, who is a convicted sex offender.

According to Niagara County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Donatello, Turley was in Niagara County Court Jan. 23 during jury selection when he skipped out during a lunch break. It is alleged Turley had inappropriate contact with two young females between 1996 and 1998. A bench warrant from Niagara County Court was issued later that same day for him.

Turley, who was out on $50,000 bail, had his bail revoked on Jan. 25. The jury convicted Turley on Jan. 28 of first-degree sexual abuse and first- and second-degree course of sexual conduct against a child.

“On the 28th, on his conviction, its an automatic remand …,” Donatello said.

Since bail was revoked, once Turley is found he will be brought back to Niagara County and held without bail. A task force comprised of U.S. Marshals and Niagara County Sheriff Deputies have been searching for Turley and will extradite if necessary.

Turley’s last known address is listed as Lincoln Avenue in the city. Along with Turley his wife, Diane, has also not been seen since last Wednesday.

The couple’s two dogs are also missing. The Dunkirk Police are keeping an eye on his residence, Police Chief David Ortolano said.

“We’ve been on a day to day basis checking (Lincoln Avenue). All of our patrol officers have been checking the residence since Niagara County alerted us (Turley was wanted),” Ortolano said.

It is not clear if Turley is from the area originally or how long he has lived in the residence. Ortolano believes Turley was not living very long at the Lincoln Avenue residence and the residence is now empty.

“We talked to the landlord (Tuesday). It appears no one is living there at this point in time,” he said.

According to Donatello, Turley previously lived in Cassadaga and has family in Lily Dale and in Dunkirk. She also said his mother and sister are “relatively local.” Turley’s sentencing date is scheduled for April 4 where he faces a maximum sentence of 39 years in jail. If anyone sees Turley, Ortolano is urging residents to call 911 right away with a location and a patrol car will be dispatched right away.

“We’d love to put an end to it by finding him,” Donatello said.

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