Hanover takes action on water, sewer matters

HANOVER – Several actions and updates were made on projects at the Hanover Town Board meeting recently.

In preparation for an upcoming project to update the town sewer plant and Sunset Bay pump station, the board appointed Harold Anger, recently retired water/sewer supervisor, as part-time clerk of the works for the sewer plant improvement project for $29,995, a rate based on a 20-hour work week and including cell phone service.

Supervisor Todd Johnson said Anger will be working fewer hours now and later in the summer will have very strenuous hours.

“I want to welcome Harold back. He will be overseeing the scope of work on the sewer plant project. In the summer his hours could be 60 to 70 hours per week so he will be working less now before the project gets under way. If the town had hired an engineer instead, the cost would be over six digits,” Johnson added.

The board also passed a resolution for a public hearing for local law No.1 of 2013 to amend local law No. 1 of 1985 to include polyethylene pipe instead of just type k copper piping. Johnson explained this is a cheaper and more durable option for residents wishing to tie into the town’s lines.

Councilman Kevin O’Connell had no update on the easement needed to go forward with the Sunset Bay drainage project in the spring.

An Alleghany Road resident said he is trying to get money together for a lawyer and engineering services for the district connection to the Alleghany Road area in Irving. He said he is trying to get the homeowners together to approach the board but the overall feeling from speaking with them is this project should be done by board resolution, instead of petition.

He said they have some concerns that a state group home will also have to sign on to the project and also how much the trailer park will pay in water tax once the district is created. Johnson said he would look into some of their concerns.

The board also received four bids for the water department extended van. The lowest bid came from VanBortel for $21,512.86, but was received almost an hour after the deadline. The board approved the lowest, on-time bid from Vision Ford for $22,025.

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