Gowanda High School Students of the Month

GOWANDA – Gowanda High School has selected Students of the Month for December for their achievements in several different subjects. The honorees are as follows:

Elizabeth Ham-mond, Grade 9, Business

Hammond is a cheerleader and plays volleyball for GCS. She is not sure what career path she will be taking, but one thing is for certain; she will continue to play volleyball in college. She has been inspired by her older brother because of his work ethic and his academic drive. She is following in his footsteps by staying focused and striving for high honor roll.

Josh Veloski, Grade 12, Technol-ogy

Veloski was nominated by Tom Partridge because he has taken all of the technology classes offered at GHS and done well in each. Veloski is pleasant, has a good sense of humor and is re-spectful, which in turn gets him re-spect not only from other students, but teachers as well. He plays both lacrosse and ice hockey. He is going to attend Paul Smith’s Col-lege for natural re-source management and will ultimately become a DEC officer.

Trent Martin, Grade 11, Physical Education

Martin was nominated by Brian Denea for a number of reasons. Martin has had exceptional attendance not only this month, but it has been perfect the entire year. He al-ways comes to class prepared and ready to work. Martin is a positive influence in class and a pleasure to have the last period of the day. He demonstrates “Panther Pride” in his behavior, work ethic and dealings with peers and staff. He is a proud member of the champion Gowanda bowling team. His future plans include going to colleges to study something that involves math and science.

Taylor Kick-bush, Grade 12, The Arts

Kickbush was nominated by Jacob Swanson because she is a wonderful addition to the high school band. She has constantly given her best effort while maintaining an extremely bright and positive attitude. Kickbush was the captain of the cross country team, participates in varsity track and field, co-edits for the Im-manuel Lutheran Newsletter and works as a news correspondent for the Penny-Saver. She is a staff member at Gowanda recreation and the secretary for the National Honor Society. Kickbush also spends numerous hours volunteering around Gowan-da through the Immanuel Lutheran Church. After high school she plans to attend JCC to receive her associate’s degree and then transfer to St. Bonaventure where she will study journalism. Writing is her passion and becoming a journalist would enable her to connect with the community.

Taylor Smith, Grade 9, LOTE

Smith was nominated by Patti Estrada because she is an excellent student who pays close attention to details. She does not settle for second best. All assignments are completed on time and with accuracy. She is an excellent role model and shows her enthusiasm for the subject. Smith’s interest lies in musicals. She has performed in several throughout her GCS career and has attended summer drama camps. Her hopes are to go to college and study medicine because she wants to be able to help others.

Delaney Van-Wey, Grade 11, ELA

VanWey was nominated by Carol Propp because she is a hard-working, dedicated and creative young woman. Van-Wey is always prepared to discuss her views on literature in class. She is also very poised and creative when given any assignment that requires her to present in front of her peers. Her outgoing personality and de-sire to learn is contagious with her peers. She is involved in cheerleading, yearbook and challenges herself academically by taking college credit class while maintaining honor roll grades. VanWey is also on the student council and a softball player. Out-side of GHS she coaches Little League cheerleading and volunteers for Blue by U track team and helps at the food pantry, all while maintaining a very high academic average. She plans to go to a four year college for journalism/communication and will travel and write for a living.

Carter Benton, Grade 9, Social Studies

Benton was nominated by Tim Smith because of his academic success in social studies. Ben-ton is a three-sport athlete. He participates in football, basketball and baseball for the GHS Panthers. He plans to attend college and study architecture while continuing to play baseball.

Justin Grimm, Grade 12, Panther PRIDE

A student chosen for Panther PRIDE illustrates, on a daily basis, what being a Panther means: prepared, respectful, involved, determined, and committed to excellence. Grimm is an outstanding student at GCS. He was a vital member of the Gowanda varsity football team, a top scorer for the bowling team and significant leader on the varsity baseball field. His future plans include attending Buffalo State College to earn a degree in business. While in college he will play football. His ultimate goal is to become a police officer.

Stephanie Whalen, Grade 9, Mathematics

Whalen was nominated by Amy Fantaske because Whalen is a student who has a genuine desire to learn and a willingness to do hard intellectual work to achieve understanding. She participates in class, asks relevant questions and works well with her peers. Her work is always complete and well thought out. It is obvious that she studies for tests and has a very mature attitude when it comes to her academics. Whalen is a positive leader who quietly leads by example. She participates in cheerleading at GHS. Although she is only a freshman she has set her sights on becoming a doctor.