As Bills’ fans suffer, Harbaugh gets shot

San Francisco 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh never made it to the Super Bowl as a National Football League player, but he did come close.

The year was 1995. As quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, Harbaugh led his team to two road playoff upsets before falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Three Rivers Stadium in the AFC Championship game. Only one week before, those Steelers had knocked off the Buffalo Bills, who previously won during wild-card week against Miami, in a divisional playoff game.

Harbaugh today gets a chance at a Super Bowl ring when his 49ers battle the Baltimore Ravens, coached by sibling John Harbaugh.

It is here we must unfortunately note that since that 37-22 victory over Miami, Buffalo is winless in its only other three postseason attempts in the last 17 years.

Oh brother!