Forestville reviews old, new business


OBSERVER Assistant News Editor

FORESTVILLE – There were several old and new business items for the Forestville Village Board to discuss at its recent meeting.

Acting Mayor Beth Bowker went over old business items at the start of the meeting.

She reported the board has received a letter from its attorney Michael Bolender, which announced his retirement. The letter said Bolender is only allowed to earn a certain amount from municipalities during retirement and is going to keep the town of Ripley as his primary employer.

However, he said he would continue to work for the village on an as-needed basis at a reduced rate of $60 per hour.

“I am really excited about this news because it will save the village a lot of money,” Bowker said.

She also reported the village has received a fire contract from the town of Arkwright, which they will have Bolender review before making any action.

Bowker said the village will soon send out its response to the comptroller’s audit. If there is no further response from the comptroller the audit will then be made public.

Bowker also said the fire department needs its overhead doors repaired and the board approved the expense of $510 for the work.

Bowker asked the streets department to take down the snowflake lights and commended them for leaving early to avoid overtime and save the village money before Streets Supervisor Charles Brewster gave his report.

He said because of holidays and inhospitable weather there hasn’t been much progress on the water project. He said the contractors will install the back up generator soon and are waiting on the gas and electric companies to run lines.

The board approved two resolutions, one to pay the contractor H&K Services $82,972 and the engineering firm Clark Patterson Lee $64,833 for work on the water project upon approval from the Environmental Facilities Corporation funding agency.

Brewster also asked any residents experiencing low water pressure contact the village, as two residents have already needed a filter cleaned to correct the problem.

Resident Jenn Kohler asked if anything could be done for the water leak on Pearl Street, which becomes a hazard when the ground freezes. Brewster said it is a leaky joint that won’t shut off and he would salt it better.

The board also heard public comments from George Bateman who had concerns with the speed of vehicles on Route 39 and the safety of pedestrians. He also asked about a speed reduction on Chestnut Street by the Little League field. Brewster said because it is a small local road the village may not need to go through the state to change the speed.

Joyce Lineman said is also concerned with snowmobiles using the roads and sidewalks in the village. She was told to call the sheriff’s or the state police.

The next meeting of the board will be held Feb. 26.