BOCES Superintendent addresses Pine Valley board

SOUTH DAYTON – The budget process is starting in the Pine Valley school district for the upcoming school year. The business executive for the district outlined the budget processs.

Deanna Schettine, business executive, presented a budget timeline to the board.

She said the district is currently in good standing due to the yearlong management of fund balance and reserve accounts. The district is also using up its fund balance.

“We’ve been utilizing fund balance as we have planned,” Schettine said.

She also showed projected revenue and expenditures for next year.

Consiering both revenues and expenditures, the district will have a variance of $330,596 for which reserve accounts will be used. The reserve accounts will be replenished later in the budget year.

BOCES Superintendent David O’Rourke also addressed the board of education. He distributed surveys to be completed by the board and returned to BOCES. O’Rourke also described how BOCES is meant to be a partnership between the regional school and each individual district. The districts can utilize BOCES for services, including legal services and printing services.

“BOCES is meant to be a partnership,” O’Rourke said.

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