End search, share position

Since Rob Lancaster’s forced departure as chief of the water filtration plant, the village of Fredonia is still looking for someone to do the job on a permanent basis.

During a radio appearance on WDOE’s “Viewpoint” program Monday morning, Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe said the village is doing a statewide and regional search to find someone for the position. Currently, the person in the position – hired part time – as acting operating officer said he does not need to be on site.

With current discussion regarding a regional water system by the Chadwick Bay Regional Development group moving forward, Fredonia would be better served by sharing a supervisor for the plant with a neighboring municipality. Though the cost savings are minimal, it is another step toward a regional partnership.

And, there is a regional partnership already when it comes to water as Fredonia – billed $99,000 for tapping into Dunkirk’s water from July through early October – reaped a benefit from that partnership as it charged its users their regular rate.

If Fredonia can make a profit by purchasing Dunkirk water, why isn’t this process already the norm?