For The Record

Today’s High?School?Sports Schedule

Tuesday, Feb. 5

Boys High School Basketball

Clymer at Brocton

Frewsburg at Cass. Valley

Forestville at Chaut. Lake

Olean at Dunkirk

Fredonia at Gowanda

Pine Valley at Maple Grove

Ripley at W. Valley

Silver Creek at Catt. LV

Franklinville at Westfield

Girls High School Basketball

Ripley at W. Valley

Dunkirk at Olean

Boys High School Swimming

CCAA Swim and Diving

Adult Bowling

K&L Lanes

Saturday Nite Drifters – High team single: Alley Kats 2,600. High team series: Jr. Nation 938. High individual single: Joe Sweda 267, Kate Bixby 245. High individual series: Ed Howard 696, Bixby 575. Other high scores: Jamie Krajewski 165-204-518, Nancy Earle 168, Anita Clareus 163-160-180-503, Kelly Carriero 216-527, Liz Gabel 167, Theresa Herc 174, Kathy Earle 175-170-168-513, Bixby 181-245-575, Justin Clareus 223, Mike Gassman 240, Ed Howard 221-248-227-696, Ken Purdy 224-222-204-650, Joe Sweda 267-204-640, Brad Bixby 201-258-213-672, Daren Waterman 223-213-625.

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Paul Hill Memorial – High team single: Gowanda Starcraft 1,032. High team series: Gowanda Starcraft 2,990. High individual single: Ken Purdy 269, Diane Emke 220. High individual series: Mike Meyers 677, Dee Connolly 514. Other high scores: Meyers 203-247-227-677, Ernie Clareus 223, Justin Clareus 214, Daren Waterman 201, Mike McKeever 211-221-615, Ed Howard 249-612, Ryan Stefanik 201-220-201-622, Pat Richter 244-238-654, Mike Howard 225, Jeremy Jimerson 203-201-602, Dennis Emke 214-211, Ken Purdy 269-222-675, Bradley Schulz 225, Dee Connolly 183-162-169-514, Kathy Earle 180, Jamie Krajewski 160, Diane Emke 220, Liz Gael 168.

Lucky Lanes

Fumble League – High game: Mike Rylowicz 225. High series: Rylowicz 641. Other high scores: Nancy Mosier 171, Priscilla Seybold 161, Vicki Rylowicz 177-190-517, Mike Rylowicz 192-225-224-641, Jen Kalfas 169, Brenda Kerstetter 166, Pam Pleszewski 170, Mary Erick 178-187-511, Marie Skubis 185, Anne Haase 181, Allison Wojcinski 175-176, Kathy Price 161, Peggy Lucas 205, April Jagoda 161, Betsy White 169-177. High team game: Bobek’s Autotrans 991. High team series: Bobek’s Autotrans 2,734.

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Fumble League – High game: Betsy Steger 213. High series: Vicki Devon Fijal 561. Other high scores: Diana Manzella 205, Peggy Lucas 170, April Jagoda 211-178-531, Mary Erick 170-171-500, Marie Skubis 193-166-501, Anne Haase 163-170, Allison Wojcinski 164-165, Shirley Salerno 162, Donna Zuchowski 160-175, Grit Baumgartner 179, Vicki Rylowicz 177-170-209-556, April Johnson 164, Cindy Wilson 163-174, Betsy White 171-213-519, Nancy Mosier 160, Dolores Szukala 164, Devon Fijal 175-180-206-561, Penny Kalfas 182, Brenda Kerstetter 191. High team game: Fredonia Heating and Plumbing 994. High team series: Bobek’s Autotrans 2,743.

Adult Pool

Gowanda APA League

Standings as of Feb. 3 – Ronnie’s Crazy 8’S, Jamestown St. Marauders, Da Wicked Skibbies, 8-Ball Assassins, Legion Machines, Jamestown Tavern. Top gun: Dave Bodekor is first in the Purple Tier. Mike Harris is first in the Red Tier. Tony Leroy and Chris McKeever are tied for first in the Yellow Tier. Kevin Bridenbaker is first in the Blue Tier.

A new session has started and there is still time to join.

For more information, contact David Covert Division Rep at 698-2291.

Youth Hockey


Depew Saints 3, Fredonia 2

Despite the loss to the Saints, Lauren Marshall turned in a star-goalie performance for the Steelers with multiple saves to keep the game close.

Scoring for Fredonia was Ethan Brunner assisted by Jon Maternowski, and Gabe Schrader assisted by Jack Storm.

Strong defense was played by Sydney Frost and Alex Rush.


Dunkirk-Fredonia Modified

Ice Hockey Spring Team

looking for players

The Dunkirk-Fredonia Modified Ice Hockey team is looking for seventh and eighth grade hockey players to play in the WNYHSCHL spring league.

Players must be currently enrolled in seventh or eighth grade in the Dunkirk, Fredonia or surrounding schools. Tryouts and practices start the week of March 10, and games will be played until the end of June.

For more information, email Coach Mark Taylor at or call 572-5097.

Dunkirk Little League Registration

Registration for the 2013 Dunkirk Little League baseball, softball, and senior baseball seasons begin this Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Frank Acquavia Post on 221 West Lake Shore Drive.

Baseball is open to those who will be 4 years old and will not reach 13 years of age before May 1, while senior baseball is available to those who will be 13 years of age and will not turn 17 before May 1. Softball is open to players who turned 6 years old and didn’t turn 13 before Jan. 1.

All players – new and returning – must register with a parent or guardian present while newcomers must bring their original birth certificates to registration. The fee is $40 per player for all age groups, which covers uniform costs. Families with three or more players will pay a maximum of $110. The Senior Little League fee is $50 for Dunkirk residents who played in the Concord League last season.

Players must also sell at least two lottery calendars as part of a league fundraiser.

Dunkirk Little League is also looking for volunteers to serve as managers, coaches and team parents during registration. Those interested will need to fill out a form and provide a copy of a valid driver’s license.

Additional registration dates are Feb. 13 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. and Feb. 17 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m., also at the Frank Acquavia Post.

For more information, contact league president Gary Haase at 366-4452 or 679-6929.