Meet the Candidates Feb. 27

The League of Women Voters of Chautauqua County invites the public to meet and question candidates for Fredonia Village Trustee at 7 p.m. on Feb. 27 at the Fredonia Opera House. There are two vacancies to be filled and four candidates for the positions. The candidates are Democrats Susan Forrester-MacKay and Phyllis Jones and Republicans Mary Jane Starks and Michael Vinciguerra. Unfortunately, Vinciguerra will be out of town during much of the time in the weeks before the elections on March 11, but the other candidates will be present at the forum.

As is well known, the League is strict about keeping the candidates’ statements brief so that many members of the audience can ask questions. Candidates are also encouraged to question one another in true debate form. In this election, many local issues are at stake, so it is all the more important for voters to inform themselves of the candidates’ views and to see them in action face to face. It is to be hoped that the forums will attract vocal audiences. As always, both events are free and open to all.

Besides voting for Trustees on March 11, citizens will be asked to vote for Town of Pomfret Justice David Prince, endorsed by both the Republican and Democratic caucuses and running unopposed. They will also be asked to vote on an important proposition, namely, moving the Village elections from March to November. It will be interesting to hear the Trustee candidates’ views on this subject.