New police car discussed in Silver Creek

SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Village Board had questions for Police Chief Timothy Roche about its most recent vehicle purchase for the department.

At a recent meeting, Trustee Thomas Harmon asked Roche if the vehicle the village most recently purchased is being rotated in the department.

Harmon wanted to make sure the village’s investment of about $26,000 is being used in the best way.

“Why would we buy a car for it to be used for just half a day for errands?” he asked.

Roche said he is the primary driver of the car but it is available for the others.

“It is there if they need it,” Roche responded.

Harmon asked again if the car was being rotated.

“So the car we had to have for the officers’ safety is being used by just you?” he asked Roche.

Roche confirmed that is correct.

Trustee Nick Piccolo said the board would like the vehicle to be available for the night shift.

Later Roche said the department has never rotated vehicles.

“It has always been the chief’s call when and where the cars go,” he said.

Roche said he will also be asking the village for another vehicle purchase to replace a car that is off warranty with 80,000 miles which recently needed the top end of the motor replaced, costing the village $3,000.

He said he would also like another camera in the village square; however, the cost will be minimal because the grid is already in place. The board did not take action on these items.

The board did allow Mayor Kurt Lindstrom to begin discussion with the town of Hanover on code enforcement. At the town’s last meeting, the town board decided to notify the villages of Silver Creek and Forestville it will opt out of the code enforcement contract in order to renegotiate the terms.

The board also was asked to consider joining in to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program with other communities and the Chautauqua County Planning Board. The county has promised to pay half the cost and the communities will be asked to contribute about $2,000 each. The LWRP can help the communities attain grants for common projects like dredging harbors.

The board authorized Lindstrom to sign a letter of intent to participate in the New York State Archives for blueprints of the sewer/water plant. The board also authorized Lindstrom to sign a shared services agreement for the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund grant through Southern Tier West.

The next village board meeting will be held Feb. 20 at 7 p.m.