Unpaid city water bills will become property tax liens

If you are a city of Dunkirk property owner with a water bill unpaid for two billing quarters or more, you might find that bill added to your property tax as a lien on your property.

City Treasurer Mark Woods has issued a reminder to city property owners that as of March 8 liens will be attached to city property taxes of delinquent water customers. It will appear as a separate charge on the bill and included in the total tax due. Payment in full of the tax and water lien as noted on the 2013 city tax bill is required. Partial payments are not accepted.

According to Sections 31-11 and 31-12 of the City Code, it is required that “any unpaid bills including penalties shall be included in the annual tax levy against the real property parcels in default, notwithstanding the fact that the bill or bills were unpaid by tenants or non-owners of the real property parcel affected.”

City property tax bills will be issued in early April with payment due 30 days after the start of collection.

If there is a question on the status of your account call Woods at 366-9863.